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16 minutes ago, daveculp said:

Some of the items I'm amazed by with your build:


1)  I can't figure out how you smoothed the printed surfaces and then scribed into them without chipping out the putty(?).

2)  I'm amazed that you could even print out the small pieces on an FDM printer.

3)  This is the best prototype I've ever seen.


1. Lots of sanding. 100 grit and I used my orbital woodworking sander. 

2. Small parts are quite rough, need lots of work.

3. Thanks.



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Some progress.


Windscreen has been glued on. Everything masked off and a first coat of Gull grey has been applied. Lots of work, repairs will be needed. I will be trying to replicate a sun bleached China Lake bird, so lots of post shading to go on all colors. Sorry for the over exposure.






I have been working on designing and printing the exhaust tubes/nozzles. First print, many improvements to be implemented.




Thanks for looking, Dan



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6 minutes ago, LSP_Kevin said:

Love it, Dan. I'll bet you can see the finish line from here.




Kevin, thanks for the comments. Well I do see the finish line, but I see lots of other things too.


Poor surface prep, too much heavy primer, and a rushed paint job. But, this is only the first prototype. I see needed improvements in almost every printed part, and I see the need to change up the construction sequence. 


I have already begun prep work on a second model, learning from my mistakes. I will definitely change primers and surface prep techniques. Second build should go quite fast as I now have all of the parts.



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First decals. I applied a gloss coat before applying decals.


And not many decals at that. Looking at pictures there doesn't seem to be much stenciling. So a few more tomorrow and it will be time for a flat coat.


I also tried my hand at a sun-faded paint job. Looks ok to me, for a first try. The fading doesn't really show up in the pics.





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On 6/28/2022 at 12:58 AM, Starfighter said:

Looks great! I'd say you changed to the fast lane and passed me lightning fast... Your model makes me want to get back to mine. Excellent work! 

 Thanks Ben.


Can't wait to see yours. I am sure it will far exceed my humble efforts.



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