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Wingnut Wings Lancaster to be released by Border Model


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On 6/11/2022 at 10:52 AM, Robthepom said:

just a heads up ......


Lucky models have 25%off all kits over US$190 plus $20 fixed sea freight


That makes kit AU$680 (US$480) plus freight



Bugger, that’s almost half of what I paid!

C’est la guerre, even at the double the price, if I divide the cost by the hours I’ll take to build it, it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than my other hobbies :)

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I hope they do the dambuster....That's the one I'll pay the price for. ;)  As a matter of fact, Border uses one of the dambuster images in their marketing of the kit; you can tell by the bomb bay modifications (although I believe the intent is to highlight the cockpit/nose turret installations).



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I got mine delivered this morning and have just spent a couple of hours going through the sprues - just wow! - I am quite blown away to be honest - And I am not just saying that to justify to myself spending that kind of money. It really is incredibly detailed. I cannot wait to get started on it



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3 hours ago, Phill P said:

Anyone have an electronic copy of the latest instructions? The set on Scalemates is pretty much unusable due to low resolution. 

Just as an explanation, me thinks there might be a restriction on file size to be uploaded to ScaleMates. Doesn’t make things better. Also, whenever I uploaded a PDF file, SM software seems to do something, making the file even worse.


Also, the assembly manual is also rather on the lower end of what is possible. Far away from anything WNW did… I for myself hope to make it more clear watching the YouTube vids of Nigel’s Modelling Builds.


Drop me a PM with your Email address, and I will do Scans of the manual. This takes some time, though.

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I’ve resisted so far telling myself its too big, despite in the same time having purchased the Lego Millennium Falcon UCS set and AT-AT UCS set which are no shrinking violets size wise and pretty much the same price as the Lancaster. I am tempted though and am watching Nigel’s videos. I’m hoping they do go down the route of doing a nose only kit like HK Models did. That I would buy. Resolve will also be tested should they do a Dambusters version. 

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4 hours ago, somebody said:

any canadian retailer has this in stock? Rather order locally in anticipation of damaged parts & avoid dealing with time consuming back & forth with oversea retailers.


It's not in stock yet but Great Hobbies have it listed at least. 




$999 for the kit with free shipping. Great Hobbies often have sales where they'll do 10% off your order too. 

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In the UK it appears the main distributor is Albion Hobbies (based in Bournemouth so not a million miles from me). I phoned them this afternoon asking when they expected delivery, the answer was in a fortnight. They expect distribution to retailers to be very quick, so mid-July could be on the cards. 

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