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ICM 1/35 CH-54?

Dave Williams

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I’d still opt for the Kelik set (which I have) since it includes several items not shown by Quinta, including the first aid kit and cables.


Cheers,  Tom

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5 hours ago, John1 said:

I don’t think that was posted.  My guess is it would be in the high $30 range.  Their stuff isn’t cheap but IMO, it’s well worth it.  

Hobbynut Models is taking preorders at $38.25 for the full set and $26.50 for the set w/o seatbelts.

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1 hour ago, NewtonK said:

There are available soon, from Gecko models, conex containers.


I suspect he means the specialized pods made specifically to be attached to the CH-54, not general shipping containers.



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