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Henschel Hs129B2 Tankbuster Cockpit Restoration


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Hi, My Name is Martin and I am restoring pretty much the entire front end for the worlds last known Henschel Hs129B2 Tankbuster.  I noticed off and on reference being made about my particular aircraft in your forums. I am hoping thru this forum to reach out to any members that may have any detailed drawings showing the Front end panels, particularly the nose cap, which I would like to replicate. The angles/dimensions in mm.

Secondly as your group builds big models would anyone have any metric or close to, aluminium Dome Head rivets with a shaft diameter of 1.5 to 2.0mm?

Any help or advice would be gratefully received. I am lucky enough to have this WWII combat plane, it certainly saw action in North Africa, plenty of carbon build up in the gun troughs!

Greetings from Australia!



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Hey Martin,

Can you PM me please?  I have sat in the cockpit you are trying to restore when it was located in Illinois at Victory Air Museum way back in the 80's.   

I might have a picture or two for you.  


Kind regards,



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I'm not sure if I can help but I'll try anyway.
PM coming shortly your way.
Some photos of your project would be great.
But I can understand if you want to keep it off the public for now.



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Hey LSP community,


This is what Martin is talking about.  He is restoring the fwd cockpit armored section of the only remnant of an Hs 129 anywhere in the world that I'm aware of.  

The section purchased from a long ago defunct museum called Victory Air Museum located in Northern Illinois.  This place had a lot of unusual items in and outside storage.  I recall taking pictures of a rotten Baka Suicide bomber, a Ki-84 power plant and an experimental P-47 and a crashed PBY I recall.   I also remenber a Jumo engine laying by itself in the weeds.  No joke.  The picture provided is yours truly sitting in the cockpit criteria mid 80"s?  The armor seat back I recall was wicked heavy to pull up,  Looks like RLM 65 in that wing root area?  ha!  


Martin is also requesting some help in finding some aluminium dome headed rivets for his restoration project.  

A shank diameter between 1.00 to1.500mm and 1.50 to 2.00mm.  Metric rivets would be great but he will also settle for standard AN rivets.     

I have a friend in Germany that might be able to help out whom I am in the process of contacting now.  


Anyway, thanks for any leads with Martins request.  






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Hi Martin,

First, many thanks for restoring this important and sole surviving artifact from WWII!

I check around the internet regularly for news and photos of your progress, but nothing new comes up, so it would be great if you could post here some new photos! 

I hope someone can help here, but you seem to need production drawings, which may well have disappeared.

Perhaps you will need to draw new plans based on photos to achieve your goal.



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I suppose you have been in touch with Martin Pegg? I'd imagine that if anyone could help with engineering drawings and other technical documentation, it would be him. Arthur Bentley might also be able to help, as he did the plans for Martin Pegg's book.

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