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Hobby Search has preorders open for the Takom 1/35 5”/38 turret

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Dimensions of the Pig kit when completed:

--Overall length (from the tip of the barrel to the rear end of the turret): Approximately 20.9 cm
--Width: Approximately 14.6cm
--Height: Approximately 11.3 cm
--Base diameter: Approximately 15 cm
--Base height: Approximately 1 cm

Would make for a nice component on an Essex-class diorama, but it would be a noticeably small if paired with 1/32 planes.


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Yet another kit to add to my never ending wants list. I'm also keeping my fingers crossed for an eventual (I hope) Iowa class 16" turret, and may or may not go for the Japanese AA kit; still giving that one some thought. Oh, and a 40mm Bofors quad (and tub) would get my cash in a New York minute.

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For purists, the 5"/38 cal. Mk.38 twin-gun mount was typically fit to Allen M. Sumner class and Gearing class destroyers and other ships where weight was important consideration. 


Essex class carriers as well as USS Saratoga CV-3 were fit with Mk.32 twin-gun mounts which were heavier, were slightly different in shape and size, and had different details including different rangefinder hoods, hidden bump stops at the bottom of the glacis and different rear wall accesses and ports.


Most people probably wouldn't notice the difference.


But for those interested, generally, the four most common 5"/38 cal. twin-gun mounts were:

Mk.28 - fast battleships (North Carolina class, South Dakota class and Iowa class). 

Mk.29 - early Atlanta class light cruisers, externally identical to the Mk.28 but had thinner plating to save weight.

Mk.32 - cruisers, aircraft carriers, and reconstructed pre-war battleships (USS Pennsylvania, USS Nevada, USS Tennessee, USS California, USS West Virginia).

Mk.38 - lighter weight and shorter, fit to Allen M. Sumner class destroyers, Gearing class destroyers, Wind class icebreakers, etc.


Some large scale ship modelers are unhappy that Trumpeter includes the wrong 5"/38 mounts for their 1/200 scale USS Missouri kit.  But others aren't bothered by it.


Below are some renderings to help show the differences between the Mk. 28 (Mk.29 appearance is identical to Mk.28), Mk.32 and Mk.38, and a fully dimensioned Navy drawing with Mk.28 on top, Mk.32 in the middle, and Mk.38 on the bottom.





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The Pig Models version's page is complete with pics of the sprues and instructions: 



I'm a bit mixed on it, was really wanting one in plastic... but the Mk.38 version, not so much. Really wanted one of the earlier marks for a BB class and to do in ms.32 camo.

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Got the Takom kit today.  Very impressive in size if nothing else!  Pretty much what you’ve seen in previews.  Oddly, the metal barrels are only hollow down a couple of mm’s, and there’s no rifling.  Something that needs to be corrected in this scale.  There are also no canvas bloomers that were widely seen on Sumners and Gearings.  This will surely be an impressive display when built!

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On 9/14/2021 at 4:43 AM, LSP_K2 said:


Just a teeny bit outside of my price range.

:lol:.....holy s**t!...I just checked out the price!


Edit, I only saw the 1/6 scale ones at first, the 1/35 ones down further are a bit more reasonable..

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2 hours ago, Jennings Heilig said:

 Oddly, the metal barrels are only hollow down a couple of mm’s, and there’s no rifling.  Something that needs to be corrected in this scale.  

That is strange in that scale!

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