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Thoughts on Eagle Cals Decals


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Has anyone used their products?   I know they have been around a long time and seem to have a good reputation.  That being said, I am using them for the first time and find that while they certainly are printed nicely, they don't allow any of the panel lines or other surface detail to show through.   I've hit them multiple times with Micro Set/Sol and while they wrinkle up and then dry nice and smooth, they don't allow any surface detail to appear.  I'm at the point where I think I'll have to use an Xacto knife to score though the decal so that panel lines show. 


Anyone have similar experiences?   

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Yep, Sometimes the decal will tighten up across panel lines and you’ll have to carefully slice through the decal with a brand new blade.  That said, this condition is not exclusive to Eaglecals  alone.  I’ve used their decals on many builds and have ever only experienced one problem in all that time and it was a case of color matching and was primarily my fault because I couldn’t mix a shade of red to match the bright red sash on “Big Ass Bird II” P-47D artwork.  

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8 hours ago, Judyc said:

No, Jennings, we have been using Cartograf for over 15 years as they have finer tolerances than Microscale or some others. 

John1, which EagleCals number are you using? We stated using Cartograf around decal #70 or so.

Let me know and I'll have Jerry check it out.


Hi Judy, I'm using EC-104 (32nd scale).   Some of the decals ended up conforming to the deeper panel lines, some didn't.   For the lighter panel lines, repeated applications of Micro Sol didn't help much.   Nothing I can't fix with a new Xacto blade and a bit of time though.

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