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1/16 scale Boxer reconnaissance vehicle


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5 minutes ago, Uncarina said:

I had no real idea just how massive this beast is until I saw your printing photos. Epic!


Cheers,  Tom

Thanks Tom, you’re not wrong!


Here's a pic that shows just how large the 1:1 vehicle is (on the left) compared to the M1 Abrams (second from the right).



Kinda wish that the “large scale” for military was 1:24 rather than 1:16. Would make things more manageable. 

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5 hours ago, MARU5137 said:


Fascinating work.



Very inspirational and informative build.



Thanks, @MARU5137 , glad you’re enjoying it. 


3 hours ago, BiggTim said:

Just catching up on this - really fantastic work! Fusion 360 or Rhino?

Cheers @BiggTim, thanks for the feedback. I’m using Fusion360 for the design, Luban for the slicing, & Snapmaker to print the larger components. 

The print of the back end of the vehicle weighs 950 grams/2 pounds! Cost of 1.75mm filament is $25 a kilogram/2.2 pounds, so the current bill of materials cost is $23.75.


The front end is currently 13% printed.




As can be seen from the screenshot in the slicing software, its dimensions are 181 x 115 x 249mm/7.1” x  4.5” x 9.8 “. 

Thanks for checking in. 

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This week on the Block 1 Boxer CRV was more printing in the background, plus ongoing design work to get parts to production standard. 

Here are some more images of the rear drive module + mission module print, this time on inch square grids. 


The commander’s independent sight is visible bottom left, with a 1:87 version of the prototype front centre. 


A view of the right side of the big print. 


The addition of a “filament run out” feature on the printer removes the stress & wastage associated with having to have exactly enough filament on the roll at the start of the print. 

As anticipated, the printer ran out of filament in the first third of the print. 




No stress, reload the printer head with new filament and hit go. 

In regards to wastage, here’s the unused lengths of 1kg/2.2 pounds of filament. 


Those squares are 10mm x 10mm. 

The details of the roof of the Block 1 mission module differ from that of the prototype/hand finished Risk Mitigation Activity trucks. References are thin on the ground. 

The RMA one is bottom left of this collage, with the very German green that is like neon in the Australian bush. 


Lots of work to do!


Thanks for checking in. 

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