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Today's update involves a couple of painting sessions.



The tape is along the mating surface - it saves scraping later.


On balance, and bearing in mind my experience of the Eduard 1/48 kit, I decided to fit the tailwheel leg while I could still get at the locating hole.  This saves trying to fit it "blind" later.  I just need to be careful not to knock it off.




And a few more bits done.




I can get on with some assembly and detail painting next time.  Still to do: paint the backpad and harness on the Barracuda seat.



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A little bit more painting.  The IP is done, and I decided to go with the kit part for the centre console.  A little bit of painting, and a decal from the kit - yet to be added - and it won't look too bad.




Time to fit the equipment rack on the fuel tank, and it all looks simple: fit the three pins on the rack into the three holes on the fuel tank.




Errrm - how many holes?




[Edit: I should have  checked more carefully, it seems there is a "blind" hole the other side.  Guess I missed it somehow - senior moment!

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