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New 1:32 F-4 Phantom Family Coming in 2022


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33 minutes ago, chuck540z3 said:

Not to rain on this F-4 parade, but we've seen stuff like this many times before that never made it to the finish line.  Computer generated schematics are nice to look at, but until we see actual plastic or resin parts that fit together nicely, I will reserve my judgement.  Having said that, this is the future of modeling with so much 3D printing looking and fitting terrific already.






Well, it’s being worked on by Spruebrothers, who I believe is a lot more credible than some new company that people have never heard of.  They are also very tuned into the current model “scene”, and I doubt they would make a public announcement unless they were sure the resources were in place to actually make it happen.

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1 hour ago, Anthony in NZ said:

That'll teach me for sinking the last 12 months of my life into a Brit Toom....:rolleyes:


No thanks needed, I did it for you all....


I think yours will still be a unique one Anthony. I didn't see anything that even hinted at a Spey Phantom in the promo film.

But what there is there will be very welcome. Very, very welcome after all these years.

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Wait - what????  I've just spent a month slavishly sanding BDA patches and rescribing / re-riveting my F-4C.   This is "so" unfair.   I honestly don't know whether I should cease working and hope that the C is out soon after the B model or stay the course and be rewarded after a year of hard work, by seeing a beautiful, state of the art, new tool F-4C hit the shelves.   


On a more on-topic note - has SB ever released a plastic model kit before?  

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