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Lemkits 1/32 Sukhoi Su-2 with the M-82 engine - Limited edition resin kit - first photos of details


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today I want to present a photo of the details of the project on which we are currently working.
Some time ago I posted a photo of the engine and hood, it's time to demonstrate some basic details and clarify what kind of aircraft it is.
Your attention is the 1:32 Su-2 with the M-82 engine - a Soviet short-range bomber of the beginning of World War II and the Great Patriotic War. The first plane of Pavel Sukhoi was created in his "own" design bureau after emerging from the shadow of Tupolev.
At the beginning of the war, these aircraft took on the enormous burden of fighting and were often used as attack aircraft without fighter cover, suffering huge losses.
Nevertheless, this in many ways an interesting aircraft left its mark on the history of aviation and actually became the ancestor of the family of Soviet aircraft under the name "Su"
u-2 gains wings
Tomorrow I will make a small test build ...
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Hello friends, clients and colleagues. I would like to present the result of a 5-minute test assembly of our new model Su-2 (M-82 engine) at 1:32. For those who own the IL-10 model, there are several photos for size comparison.
For me personally, the Su-2 is the plane that carried me into the history of aviation. A book in black binding with gold embossing about the fate of Pavel Sukhoi and his design bureau, these are pleasant memories from my youth. Cool.239732741_2902887699970944_5010681540230237801774_2902887659970948_3766332452231


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