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McDonnell Douglas F-4E Phantom II "HAF 40 Years of Phantoms" [Zoukei-Mura 1:48]


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48 minutes ago, The Madhatter said:

Looking awesome there Alex! Maybe you could have painted the roundels which would make weathering easier? Regardless,  this is one amazing example of an F4 in a scheme other than a throwback to Vietnam 

Actually, the roundels are painted.

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First round of weathering - oil paint streaking on the underside.  The one photo from below of the plane I'm doing (posted a couple pages back) seems to show a significant break in the amount of staining between the forward, un-panel-lined part of the wing undersides and the rear part that contains the LG bay doors and lots of other small panels under the fuselage.  That's a poor description, so I'll repost the photo:



And my attempt to recreate that:



Photos of top and bottom show additional (presumably lubricant or hydraulic fluid) staining on the flaps, so I've tried to do that as well.

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Oil paint and pastel weathering.





I *think* this is done, but I'm going to wait and look at it again tomorrow just to be sure before I spray a final flat coat to lock it all down.  In retrospect I should have started the aux fuel tanks with an aluminum layer so that I could chip some paint off of them, but too late for that now.  At least they look roughly as oily/filthy/beat as the real ones in photos do....


So probably going to kick off the bare metal phase tomorrow.  I'm giving myself two weeks to finish and then I've got to start breaking down and packing my woodworking shop for the move to the new house.  Given everything I'll need to do over there, it may be quite a while before I start another airplane model.  Nevertheless I seem to have managed to catch the Phantom bug - on my shelf I now have the 1:48 Tamiya F-4B kit with Quinta cockpit details and HGW wet transfer stencils....  So the next project might ALSO be a Phantom...

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2 hours ago, chrish said:


seriously, it looks like you’ve shrunk the real thing!!

Thanks!  This is the first time I’ve had the chance to build a model of a single specific aircraft for which there are multiple high resolution color photos from many different angles available.  It has been surprisingly helpful and a very different experience than my usual WW2 fare (esp Japanese subjects) where you have at best a couple grainy B&W shots to go by.

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All masked up and ready to go.



Base coat of gloss black (Mr Color 02)



I then did an initial coat of 50:50 Alclad Aluminum : Duraluminum to give a "shiny metal" underlayer that can variably peek through all of the tinting/weathering that's to come.



I'm going to let that harden up overnight - my plans for this part involve a bunch of masking and I want to avoid damaging existing layers when I do that (I will also aggressively de-tack my tape, of course).


I sprayed a coat of Alclad Pale Burnt Metal on the exhaust cans, followed by a very light mist of Burnt Iron.



These things have a complex pattern of soot staining / heat discoloration on them in real examples, and I'm still pondering how to recreate that.  But this "smoked brass" kind of color is a decent crack at the underlying tone in the photos I have.

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