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Choices Choices??? A-6 or A7??


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I’m not really familiar with the Trumpeter A-6 kit. I have the A-7E kit and I’ve thrown a good $350 in additional PE and resin corrections and additional detail sets. The A-7 Trumpeter kit has shape issues in the complex curve areas around the radome and intake that transfer up to the canopy area as well. Since Zactoman’s intake/canopy correction kit is no longer available ( just the corrected intake lip is available since 2011), I’d consider the A6. 

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I'm a bit late to the party, but here are my thoughts on the question...


The A-6 is by far one of the best 32nd scale Trumpeter kits; it is very accurate and nice to build. It just suffers from tons of (nice!) rivets all over the airframe which are pretty much invisible on the real a/c. There is not as much aftermarket stuff available as for the Corsair, though. 


The A-7 on the other hand is one of Trumpeters early 1/32nd scale offerings and suffers massively from a very badly shaped air intake and canopy which should absolutely be addressed, otherwise the finished models sadly looks like a carricature - no matter how well it is built. Sadly, there is no real option to correct these errors at the moment as the Zacto correction kit (which at least partially adresses the shape issues) is long OOP. Interesting enough, Hobby Boss have scaled down the exact same errors to 48th scale. 

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I have two Zacto correction sets being applied to two very slow A-7E builds, along with Aires wheel wells etc., and closing the fuselages is a bit of an epic.

So many interesting schemes. 


Despite that, I would get more if somebody stepped forward with a new SLUF correction set. Ten years is too long for somebody to "place hold" with an unavailable item.



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