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Fündekals web site is (FINALLY) live!!

Jennings Heilig

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46 minutes ago, Jennings Heilig said:


Thanks.  No plans for Helldivers.  Our minimum print run is 300 decals, and I doubt we'd sell more than a dozen or two.



Thanks Jennings and kind of what I thought, will be amazed if we see more than a dozen lsp build threads of this one and even more on the SOD.


New website looks great and hope it goes well for you.



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8 hours ago, Jennings Heilig said:

Thanks for the feedback Kurt.  The icon issue is fixed, but per my developer, updates can take up to 48 hours to appear.  Silly me, I thought electrons moved at the speed of light.  Apparently not.


Not sure what's going on with the out of date certificate.  That's the first I've heard of that.


Re your suggestion - we looked at that, but the logistics got out of hand very quickly.  On things like our Spitfire and P-38 sheets, there are a lot of aircraft, so it became unworkable.  Since the PDF is available for download whether you purchase the decal or not, we're going to have to let that cover it.





You're welcome. The good news is I am not getting the certificate issue anymore, and I think the original issue occurred because the certificate was not issued by a recognized certificate authority (CA). (Click the lock in the address field, and it will give you the details on the certificate.) 


Anywho, if I see anything else, I'll let you know.



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Just my humble opinion - showing the decal sheets themselves on your main page does nothing for me.   You have no idea what the aircraft looks like, it's just a jumble of shapes and numbers.   The majority of purchases I've made have been after seeing the actual aircraft on the sheet.  I get that with some of your products, you can't show 20 Spitfires or Phantoms but even if you just show a portion of the color profiles, I think it would be sufficient to get buyers "on the hook".   


Just my $0.02, regardless, keep up the good work and best of luck! 

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You have to have an image of the actual product.  There's no way around that, and if we didn't have an image of the decal, you can't imagine the angry emails - trust me on that.  We really did go all through this, and given the limited amount of money we had to put into building the site, it's simply not doable.  If I wanted to spend $10k on the site, we could have had a lot more fun stuff.  Just not possible in our budget.

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