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Wolfpack Phantom - 8th TFW F-4C


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So about those wingtips.   Nick / Cheeta11 raised an interesting point about the nav lights being smoothly faired in to the contour of the wingtips, as opposed to the protruding "bulb" that the kit has.  The drawings that Finn posted above seemed to back him up.   However - I've been trying to find pictures of early F-4C's with this "smooth" wingtip.  So far, I've only found shots that show the kit-style wingtips.   


From a picture Finn posted above, if you zoom in to it's fullest extent, you can see that the wingtip is the kit version with the protruding nav light.  



Then I thought that maybe the smooth wingtip was present on earlier jets and modified later.   However, I found this picture, amongst others.


Early war C's and you can clearly see the bulb type wing-tip light on the closest jet (it helps to enlarge the picture but trust me, it's there).   I guess based on all this, I'll stick with the kit wingtip.   Behing inherently lazy, that's totally ok by me.   If anyone has info they can add to this subject, feel free to chime in .

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On 6/14/2022 at 2:26 PM, easixpedro said:


Somewhere I've got a circa late 67 photo of an F-4B launching off the Kitty Hawk with a bunch of CBUs on the outboard MERs. Looks like they're dragging on the deck during the stroke.  I agree it's crazy how low they hung. (isn't that a NSFW ditty?)

Gotta love this forum! Timmy's subsequent post is equally fantastic...


Excuse the interruption John, I know how distracting it can be when Nick points out detail stuff. :lol:



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6 hours ago, Madmax said:

Gotta love this forum! Timmy's subsequent post is equally fantastic...


Excuse the interruption John, I know how distracting it can be when Nick points out detail stuff. :lol:



Are you kidding, I love nerding out on stuff like this.   Feel free to "dirt road" this build log all you want!! 

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One thing the F-4 was noted for was the absolutely filthy undersides.   I started weathering this area previously but had to wait until I had all 200 or so decals in place before I could continue.   Decals are now in place, so I went back to work with a few shades of Flory Washes, some AK Used Oil and good old thinned black enamel.   Here's a good example of the real deal (although if I tried hard, I could find others that were even dirtier):




Here is where I'm currently at.









Pre-weathering picture of the outer wing.   Got a bit of overspray to deal with on the leading edge areas but I'm pretty content with the way things turned out. 



That's it for now, thanks for checking in lads! 

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Thanks for the compliments, guys.    Not much of an update to share, I'm in another lull, where I'm just randomly puttering around on various parts.    I completed the inner wing pylons.   Added a few details on the sides, carved out some of the bottom portion and used some Eduard PE.  After adding the very detailed Fundekals stencils (not sure anyone else has ever bothered to provided stencils for the weapons pylons), I think these are pretty much done.  Note that these pylons were added to the jets in the field to replace the Navy style ones.   As such, they are finished in that very light grey underside camo color, instead of the gloss white that the rest of the undersides are painted.   Hard to make it out in the pictures but it does add a nice bit of variety.     On most jet's I've seen, these pylons tended to get pretty dirty so I went a bit heavy on the weathering. 






Also added a few decals to the drop tank and since I found a few pictures showing the bottom surfaces of these tanks pretty filthy, added some weathering to that area as well. Remember, these early tanks were quickly painted in the field, so they are quite different looking than the later tanks that came straight from the factory with a uniform paint scheme. 





Lastly, I received my M-117 750 lb bombs from Italy.   Less than 2 weeks from when I ordered and the quality (and price) are very impressive.   I would have spent three times as much to get the same quantity of bombs from the only US source - Wolfpack over at Sprue Brothers.   Videoaviation is highly recommended! 


Going to have fun painting and weathering these bad boys. 


So that's it for now guys.   One request - if anyone can tell me how the kit TER and MER's stack up against the real thing, I would be very appreciative.   I need to use a single TER and MER for my proposed weapons load out (fuel tank / 2 AIM-9 with ECM pod below / MER with 4 x M117 on centerline / TER with 2 x M117 / fuel tank)

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