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Trumpeter Su-27 ‘Flanker’. Ukraine Air Force.

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Good evening all. 

May I present to you, my big Sukhoi Flanker.

I acquired this monster kit from fellow LSP’er @LSP_Ray sometime last year. It came with pretty much all of the aftermarket bits and bobs available from @Zactoman , Aires,  some Reskit exhausts, to which I also added Foxbot Decals and digital camouflage painting masks for the finish. 

We all know the kits shortcomings, and we all know how exquisite the resin ‘fixes’ are. I’ve done nothing more than add the resin parts to the build, with no modifications other than is necessary to make them all fit neatly. I’ve built this with it being attractive, as opposed to it being totally accurate. 

The build was pretty straightforward, but following my own order of construction to save me work later down the line. Many hours of sanding and dry fitting gave me a relatively tidy seam finish all round. 

Painting has been exclusively done with MRP paints. Weathering done with a mix of oil paint washes of various colours, some very light panel lightening and dirtying up in random places. Metallic areas are all MRP metallic paints, with a bunch of pastels used randomly inside the exhausts. 

I can’t recommend the Foxbot masks and their decals highly enough. But lots of care and time must be taken with them, they’re extremely delicate and things can go wrong very quickly if one rushes. I had many a test piece of old kits to try out all the things I wanted to do with the final finish, just to make sure it all worked without a hitch. 

The photo’s are the best I’m afraid. I only have a compact point and shoot camera to use these days, rather than when I had DSLR kit and a studio space. 






















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2 hours ago, LSP_Ray said:

You really did the Flanker justice! That scheme turned out great and all that resin fit in great.

Can I post it on the website?


Please do, id be delighted to see it up there. 

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