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I have a many year old bottle of Future that is 95+% full, I have used it for various model work for at least 5+, maybe 10 years.  It sits in the garage on my workbench, and I looked at it yesterday and the liquid is very yellow. Photos of the product online look as clear as water.  I used it for some lenses on an IP, and it was fine, but I am wondering if the yellow would be visible on a canopy, for example.  


Should I ditch it? 

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Try it on a spare transparent part...


I would suppose that everything that can be applied and then dries up in the air can be corrupted by a not completely sealed container. I know that my Vallejo primer is susebtible to this but then I open them frequently so new air gets in...

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I don't find the yellowing in floor polish to be a problem, likely because the coat that ends up on models is relatively thin. Don't know what the very long term ramifications are.


What I have seen turn noticeably yellow, over a period of years, are vacuform canopies. Nothing much that can be done about that, except, perhaps, replacing the darn thing.

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UV light is best suspect has a habit of oxidising stuff.

Anything like that cool dark is the best but if you want to go OTT https://www.smooth-on.com/products/xtend-it/

We spend a fortune on stuff like this, now we used old fridges for all our stuff including super glues, pick them up in a secondhand shop run till buggered and it works !!



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