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Special Hobby F-80C


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Throwing my hat in the ring with this one.  This will be an OOB build.  A PE instrument panel and bomb fins that looks like they were made by Eduard  are included, along with some nice resin details including wheels, ejection seat and  a couple of bombs. The decal set is nice, and give you options for 4 different aircraft.







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Day 1. Cockpit is mostly done. I don't know about the funky control stick. It doesn't look like any of the pictures I have seen...oh well. I added a couple airscale instrument decals and placards. Not accurate, but helped the looks some. The cockpit opening in the fuselage is pretty small, it will be hard to see too much of it anyway.






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9 hours ago, Alex said:

Nice cockpit!  And some quick work.

Still needs some touch-up and a wash. Considering my hands shake like a leaf in a tree during a wind storm, any detail work is hard to do.  So I'm ok with it.

I have other more expensive, more complex models I want to do, but they will have to wait until I get off the meds that are making my hands shake. My doctor just put me out of commission for another 4 months, today.



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Spent some time dry fitting today.  Someone had mentioned in a post about doing the intakes before joining the fuselage halves, but after dry fitting the fuselage,intakes, and wings together, I think I'll need to join the fuselage, install the outer inlets to the fuselage, then the intake ducts to the fuselage and outer inlets, and then the wings. The outer inlet parts need a fair amount of massaging to the fuselage to close up some pretty large gaps at the underside near the nose gear bay, and need to line up at the wing root area as well as align with the fuselage. There's a whole lot going on where this all comes together. The way the instructions want you to assemble it, is to glue the fuselage together, glue the intake ducts to the wing, then the wing to the fuselage, and then the outer inlets to the fuselage. I think it would be pretty difficult to get anything to align properly this way, as there are no locating pins or anything to help get these 4 components to align for assembly. 

I'll definitely think about it some more before I glue anything together.

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I decided it was pretty sound advice to glue the outer part of the intake to the fuselage first. Made it a lot easier to clamp in place to dry. I'll leave that till tomorrow, then do the other side. I'll know for sure when I take the clamps off, but it doesn't look like it will need much filling if any at all.



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Hi Andy,


Nice subject, very good cockpit and good progress. 

Looking at the picture it was indeed a good idea to follow the advice and glue the outer intake sections first.

My experience is that any gaps and flaws in narrow intake tunnels like those of the F-80 often are less noticeable or easier to hide with wood glue or something similar.


Keep up the good work!





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I closed up the fuselage today. The seams along the top of the fuselage look decent, and won't need much filling and sanding along with the outer intake/fuselage joint, but the seam at the lower aft fuselage will need a bit of work.









The cockpit looks a little better after some touch-up, a dark/grime colored wash, and a coat of matt clear. A lot of it gets hidden by the small cockpit opening in the fuselage. I'm not sure why the matt clear ended up more like semi-gloss ?





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Getting the wings fitted today




I had to do some grinding on the main wheel wells and the intake tunnels where they were making contact and not letting the wing seat to the fuselage properly.








The front wing/fuselage joint will need a fair amount of filling and sanding. 



The rear joint isn't bad, but the raised fillet panel lines don't line up. I suck at scribing and re-riveting, but I'll give it my best shot. At least it on the bottom of the plane, and not on top for all to see.



The wing roots don't look bad. In fact they look pretty decent. They will probably only need some Mr. Surfacer 1000 applied with a brush to fill what little gap there is.




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15 hours ago, Ayovan said:

Went to put the tip tanks together, and 1/2 of one misawa tanks is missing. 

Special Hobby has one of the most awesome service departments ever. Contact them through this form, and you should have that missing part in no time:





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It's starting to look like an F-80 now.  Last night, I re-scribed some of the panel lines that got lost in sanding of the seams. Most of them turned out good, but a couple will need to be filled and re-re-done. Then I'll try fixing some of the rivet details... That oughta be interesting.



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