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Sneak Preview of Our Coming Titles!


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The release of our next eBook title, Building Large Scale Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models by Jason Gares, is imminent, with only the final proofing and some promotional materials to be done.




Look out for the official launch announcement soon!


In the meantime, we’ve firmed up our next five titles, and thought we’d just post some teaser cover images to whet your appetites!












I think you'll recognise some of those builds and authors! As you're no doubt aware, all of these modellers are exceptional, as are their respective builds. They are also fantastically instructional, and I’m looking forward to being able to bring these digital titles to you guys. The order for release has not been set in stone yet, but look out for official announcements in future updates!


Note that these covers are provisional at this stage, and subject to change before release.


As always, if you have any suggestions for topics or subjects you’d like to see covered, leave a comment on this post, or contact me directly.



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42 minutes ago, Rockie Yarwood said:

Wonderful selection of new titles, Kev! Can't wait to add them to my library!


Thanks, Rockie! These are just the confirmed titles, and will keep me busy for a while yet. There are others in various stages of negotiation and development, which will be announced in due course!



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10 minutes ago, europapete said:

Please do Karim's Albatros next, been waiting for that for a LONG time! Regards, Pete in RI. 

ps, got 3 in the stash waiting for this book.


Thanks Pete. Karim's Albatros is indeed next!



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1 minute ago, Hawkwrench said:

Can't wait for Pete's helo build to be available!!!




All in good time, Tim! The order the upcoming titles are shown above is the currently-projected release order. Everything can change, of course, but the first one is out already, and work has begun on Karim's Albatros title as the next in line. Unfortunately each book can take quite a while, as I have to work on them in my spare (!) time. I've also got some interesting stuff in the works that hasn't been announced yet, so I'll be busy for quite some time! And hopefully you guys will enjoy what's coming.



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