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Thank You Brian, I use to be so jelly about your trial rig and secretly hoping that Chrysler would one day bring in a truck version of a Wrangler. And here we go, all of sudden there was a Gladiator, and then I planned some mods and Boom, all of sudden here is a Mojave. :)   Will be erasing the orange accent first, then smart cap canopy and perhaps quick wheel-swap with my wife's Wrangler's 35's.


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4 hours ago, thierry laurent said:

After having found a Ju-88A1 for a reasonable price last week, I finally found a A4 for 60€ p&p included!:thumbsup:

One cannot have too many 1/32 scale Ju-88 kits!  The AIMS conversions will show up here and there.  You must be ready

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A couple more added to the pile(s).


This has been on my wants list for years now. Found it at a real right price so decided to go for it. Still shrink wrapped.




This is just a splendid kit, and I got it for an excellent price. While I already had the kit, I figured I could use this for another version, or at least lots of spare parts. Box is a bit battered, but kit itself is in excellent shape.



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Today i was just rifling thru some misc bins at our local club meeting. One of the guys is a vendor and brings out a few tables for the monthly meeting. Guess what i found in a bin with mostly 1/48 and 1/72 stuff in it…


i committed to an Animal themed group build awhile back but hadn’t gotten the kit in the queue yet. Well now I have to. It’s FROG camo time now that I have this piece of unobtainium!

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