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9 hours ago, dutik said:

He sold a kidney...





- dutik

Wait wait wait 

Your telling me that if i sell a piece of my body o can get more model kits.... Where do i sing up !!





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Nowhere LSP's but got these in the mail


Ive collected almost all of the Toons tanks, im missing the Tiger I and the M5 Stuart


The Yak-130 i got because i thought it looked cool and i really have a thing for trainers! BUT ITS TINY ! i will most likely double build it with my kinetic T-45



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2 hours ago, BloorwestSiR said:

@Neo, those Toon tanks are fun. I've build a few with my sons. When I built the Firefly kit, I ended up using bogies from an Asuka Sherman and indi link tracks.




I think Wheels and Wings has the Tiger and M5 in stock if you're in Toronto. 






Very cool! 


thanks for the tip about Wheels and Wings, the have some tigers but not the Tiger I 

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On 9/27/2021 at 3:58 PM, MARU5137 said:


AWESOME  haul !


Hey Maru, What's new...

Some of my things are new buys, some are my favorites from the stash, but what difference does it make.

The desired effect is the same hopefully. :unsure:P6BGvG.jpg Francis 'Gabby' Gabreski, "Gabby! Gabby! Vot I do! My Engine, she go vhit,vhit!"

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