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No LSP stuff unfortunately, but a couple of items for some Armour builds I am doing.


1/35 Friulmodel M-42 Metal Tracks for the AFV Club Duster, and a set for the AFV Club Centurion.



.....And the Voyager PE Set for the AFV Club Duster,....this is very comprehensive, I dont know how much I'll end up using out of it.







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Stopped by an LHS that I've only bought paint from in the past online. They have some kit bundles as in-store specials only so I thought I'd check them out. 


Picked up a Kinetic Sabre for $100 Loonies. The stuff on top of the box was included in the price. 




When I got home and opens it, it had a couple bonus decals. 




I also picked up a Hasegawa D-9.




This one was a bit more at $140 Loonies but had the following:







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