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AIMS RAF and PR Spitfire future sets

Pastor John

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Hi again,
1/32 Spitfire PR 1G and PR IV conversion for Revell Mk II kit - coming soon. Cameras designed and printed already and as per stand alone contents below, awaiting test shot of PE, decals at printers plus awaiting new canopies designed by Tore Martin of Falcon canopies. Photo preview show 1/32 parts (PR XI canopy and set also being worked on for Revell Mk IX kit)
1/32 RAF camera set - 2x F 52s, 2x F8s and 1x F24, control box and heater box, plus decals and PE
Best wishes
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16 minutes ago, thierry laurent said:

A short message to let you know John is ending that project. The PR Spitfires is not an easy topic and finding his way through conflicting information is like dancing in a minefield! This set will be by far the most detailed PR set ever released! :goodjob:

Wanna make sure I’m reading you correctly… “ending” here being nearing completion, and not abandoning the project, yes?

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