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1/32 Ki-61 - I


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Some of you already know that I have been working on something for the last few weeks.

Well, here it is: I have been working on a cockpit for the Revell Ki61.

I can finaly show some photos.

I started by making a completely new vacform canopy.


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Wow! Truly amazing.


What is the process you use when making those instrument panels with the neat bezels and faces. I assume later you punch the instrument face as a decal?


A closeup of that stunning gunsight would be appreciated! Great work as always.

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Hi Piet,

I will see what I can do about a clearer photo of the gunsight. My new camera is not that good at taking macro photos.

The dials were made with a punch and die. First, I made the holes, then I made the rings from pieces of tubing thinned and cut with my lathe.

MDC makes instrument decals now.



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Guest LSP_Jay L

AWESOME!! One of my favourite aircraft and models of all time getting the Radu treatment! What more could I ask for? That is some spectacular work on the instrument panel Radu. Is this going to be a master by any chance?... :)


I'll be following this build very closely!


If your camera takes RAW images, you will not need to use the Macro facility as you can cut and crop the image to show off the desired area without losing clarity.


Cheers mate,



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