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Buildup of the new tool Airfix Vulcan

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Can’t wait for it to be released!  The last part of the new tool Airfix V-bomber force.




Hopefully a Black Buck Vulcan B.2A release for a diorama with their Victor K.2 won’t be too far away.

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Just as soon as I get my hands on the plastic and can custom fit the necessary decals to the relevant areas on it, our improved/expanded decal will go to Cartograf. Their abilities in offset printing the tiny squadron crests is a quantum leap over what the original version of our decal had on it.

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Still not convinced it doesn’t have the usual Airfix trenches for panel lines that are so prevalent in their the small scale kits.


The usual nostalgia crowd will buy it in droves I’m sure so I think (and hope) it does well for them, and they can use the money to release something else in a proper scale.

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