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Greetings all,

First time in a long time but Im going to give this a go. Maybe this is a project best left to Peter and his wizardly metal work, but Im going forward anyway. Mustang is still sitting. perched in its holder with a very happy happy family of house spiders having taken over the inside. Maybe someday it will get done. For now, this will be my focus. It will be slow because I fatigue very quickly but here we go...


Ive always liked the Ryan STA (Sport Trainer). Its just pretty to my eyes. Im still early in the research aspect of this but Ive started to make some parts for a Vacform mold. I setled on the scale crawing of Paul Matt, America Aviation Historical Society. It seems reasonable and his line of drawings is well respected. The details provided on the drawings are few but it gives good outlines. I also havent been able to find much on construction details of the STA.


This the only bound reference Ive been able to find...




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The Ryan ST-A is IMHO one of the most beautiful aircraft of the 30's. I built a SIG MFG.  R/C model of the ST-A many years ago. It was very scale, and one of the best/easy to fly models I ever built. Very much like the full scale, it had zero bad tendencies. An absolute joy to fly.  

I love seeing these scratch builds, and this one in particular as the ST-A is one of my all time favorite aircraft. Looking forward to seeing this one from start to finish.



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