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1/16 Hybride Panther (Wecohe, Tamiya, Atak, SBS Model and ......)


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Hi all,


Work continued!

I airbrushed a primer coat on the sides. At the moment I am waiting for a solution for the front axle so I can attach the sprocket wheels, and an axle for one of the Idlerwheels. When I have received those I can glue on the upper deck, apply putty and put on a primer coat.


I received a order from SBS Models with the C-hooks and shackles. I am pretty happy with the quality!






A bit off topic, but also very nice is this rear escape hatch! It is fully functional, so you can close it.

But a word of warning: this set is intended for the Trumpeter kit, not for Tamiya or Henlong! The 2 white metall parts are not part of the kit, I had these parts as a left over from a Wecohe hatch set. Hopefully SBS will adapt their offerings for Tamiya and Henlong Panthers.

I will use the rear escape hatch for my future Panther Ausf. D/A!




Finally a question! I can't find the correct stowage manner for the towing cables.

What is the correct length/position, as seen in these photo's:


Righ tfront to left rear, or


right front to right rear?


With regards,




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Hi guys,


Not much progress on the figures, as I simply lost my Mojo for painting.

But lately it is slowly returning, so I did some work, mainly on the figures on the engine deck!pooAee72j



And a frontal view:



Hopefully I can post a more substantial progress soon!


With regards,

Rob from Holland

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Hi Rob 

very nice job on the figures painting . To me they would be a project of their own and I can easily understand that it is hard to keep up Mojo for painting - especially when you paint the pea-pattern camouflage.



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Hi Kevin,


It is the Atak set:


At the moment it isn't available via Atak itself, so I included the ebay link for photo's.

It looks consistent, but it looks far better then my scratch built Zimmerit attempts.

Of course you could "damage" the Zimmerit in the bigger parts to break up the consistency.


All in all I am happy with the Atak products.




P.S. They have some new (for me) 1/16 Panther products:


P.P.S. From Facialbook I understood they are working on different Zimmerit sets for the Trumpeter Panthers!

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Hi Rob, 

what an incredible work you‘re having with the figure painting. Painting pea dot camouflage pattern is my personal nightmare. It‘s one of the most challenging camouflage patterns.


I just wonder why your painting faces and arms at last? 
When painting figures I start with the flesh zones as they are the lowest area on a figure. So I can avoid accidentally overpainting and renewed  correction of already finished higher areas.

To my experience this is less stressful, saves time and paint.;) 


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Hi guys,

So far I am done with painting 17 figures, I need a break to do some real modelwork.
Here a photo in Barbara Geddes style:



Now the wheels and tracks are on:




On the other side, I testfitted some Wecohe schurtzen, and they seem to fit:



Now a question!
I bought a chemical, used to paint weapons, for the tracks.
For this it is really important to de-grease the tracks.
What is the best solution for this?
Any help is appreciated!

With regards,
Rob from Holland

P.S. I have a Wecohe set for the front fenders, or should I buy Shapways front fenders?


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Wasn't finished yet!
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