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1/16 Hybride Panther (Wecohe, Tamiya, Atak, SBS Model and ......)


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HI all,


I started a new tank project, a Panther with a full load of figures from Jeff Shiu!

The hull is made by a company called Wecohe, which ceased production unfortunately!

As you can see below the hull is made up from an alu underside and plastic sheets (in scale thickness)


There are a lot of photo-etch and white-metal details:



A lot of elbow grease, cutting, sawing and finally using sandpaper resutated in a hull taped together:



Next was the Tamiya turret and the Atak zimmerit. The zimmerit needed some altering/adaptions as it was designed for the Tamiya hull, but the fit isn't bad at all:





Then more zimmerit on the hull, and the start of the first details:





And here are a few of the figures:




I hope you like it!


With regards,



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Hi guys,


Yesterday I received some BlingBling:


Now I need to wait until my new soldering station arrives.


During my last posting I didn't sit still, but went along with details and painting of some figures.





I just realized that I only have the commander in the photos, sorry for that!


With regards,


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Hi all,


Some small progress in the last few weeks!

I did work on the rear side of the Panther.

The exhaust stacks and covers are not yet glued in position.

The left Staukast is a Tamiya version, the right one is a Wecohe photo-etch part which I f*c&d up a few years ago  (the X shaped ribs were on the inside!)

but I could use it for this Panther. Yes, there is a difference in the sizes but I don't care that much, as a figure's legs will be hanging over it.

And of course the p-e makes it possible for some damage.



The latches and lid are a Shapeways offering.


Another Hi-lite was the Rohrwisserstange behalter (or so!)




This is also a Shapeways offering.

And last week another 5 figures arrived, so my set is complete .

So now I have to paint 16 figures, something I really not looking forward to!

But when they are finished it will look really nice!


With regards,


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On 4/28/2021 at 10:41 PM, mywifehatesmodels said:

Amazing build, so far!


Too bad there aren't some figures like that available in the form of 1/32 scale bomber crews. I would love to do an in-flight display with my He 111 and or/Ju 88s in the stash!



John, MasterDetails do some great 1/32 luftwaffe crew figures.  I crewed up my revell 1/32 Heinkel he 111 adequately with them!



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