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Reedoak third F-16 sitted pilot


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7 hours ago, Daniel Leduc said:

Hi Pete,


The problem for a D version and many C's / Aggressors etc, we are missing the pilot with the regular type helmet, a HGU-48P,....

Thar are still in use today.




HGU-48 ? wasn't it in the early days just after the HGU-2A/P and HGU-26 with HGU-33 like cutted shell? From what I know, the HGU-48 was then standardised as a HGU-55


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4 hours ago, rmadfire1 said:

What would it take to use these F-16 pilot figures to work in an Academy f-18D kit? What modifications would I need to do to them to make an accurate Marine corps F1-8 pilot/



Would be better to take directly the F-18 pilots Reedoak offers, as they have different harness, different survival vest, LPU on vest, etc...

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3 hours ago, Michael931080 said:

Hi Norbert, is it possible to do a US Air Force Pilot with the JHMCS version other than on the F-16 style body??


Would love one or two for the A-10 and the F-15C's.


Thanks Kindly,




Waiting to receive my newest order placed! :yahoo::yahoo:

Hi Michael, many thanks for your order ! same gears are used on F-15 and A-10, with the exception of the helmet on A-10, and for the hand on sticks version, the stick is on side on the F-16 and between the legs on the F-15 and A-10. Will probably do some other version without survival vest, as often seen on pictures states side.







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