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Macchi C-202 21st Century

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Started this about two weeks ago, and have already broken down and started to redo the cockpit. Currently putting the frames and longerons in place. The cockpit floor was also modified, as the foot rests for the rudder were molded in one piece to the floor. Sawed them off and thinned them out, so they show a small gap underneath. Colors. That is a head  ache. The paints mentioned are out of production, and it looks like Mega hobby is going to get an order for some Lifecolor paints. No one here sells them that I am aware of. I'll have some pics next post.

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AK Interactive Real Color line has exact colors for C.202. You're going for smoke rings camo? Brown sand/ dark green top and grey underside? Let me know-I have Sqn.Signal Walkaround of C. 205 with all colors in FS used by Italians.

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