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Giant target

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On 3/31/2021 at 2:50 PM, kalashnikov-47 said:

Back when I lived in San Diego it was the USS Ranger or USS Constellation sitting in that spot.


Sailed with both these carriers and their associated "carrier groups" while serving with the RNZN Leander class HMNZS Canterbury (F421), the Constellation in 1980 and Ranger in 1982. We sailed with them from Hawaii after taking part in RIMPAC 80 & 82 respectively, undertaking a number of fleet manoeuvre training serials, taking on stores including fuel (RAS) and various other naval associated maritime activities.


This was the time of the A7, A6, EA6B, Seakings, E2C Hawkeyes, S3, and the mighty F14s. There may have been F8s and A3s plus in 82 on board a carrier anchored in Hong Kong harbour there were F4s on board. Impressive pieces of kit to say the least and a most memorable experience.


At one point on one of these cruises we had the only serviceable helo amongst the frigates and support ships (flying SH2s and CH46s) excluding one of each type kept on standby. We spent four days constantly transferring maintenance crew and parts from one ship to another while they bought the other helos back on line which they did.


In terms of being a target, well we felt very safe at that period of time sailing with these aircraft carriers and their "battle" Groups, they exuded an incredible aura of military might and posed what was, at that time, an awesome projection of power.  

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