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Eagle Head. Horst Hannig's Fw-190A-4 - Paint job


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Hi guys, Some updates from the Anton front.

I had left the last time with the rivet sheets application. 
The upper wings were rivet treated as well.
They were elected to receive some paint in first as I prefer to work on flat surfaces to warm up with the paint.

Mr Color H68 and 69 were used. Then darkened and lightened mixes were sprayed on the points of interest to get an uneven pattern.
As you can notice, the surface is pretty rough, with rivets protruding badly over. That will be adressed after.








Even with that rough surface texture, the rivets are not very noticable when you distance yourself from the model.





The torture session can now begin. For this I "soften" the fresh paint with mineral spirits (work small areas or it goes quickly out of control) and strike it with the edge of a scalpel to create weak points in the paint surface.
Then the surface is rubbed with q tips, towel and sanding sponge. If you goes slowly the effect is quite controllable.
the rubbing treatement is already softening the surface and the hard edges of the rivets are leveling themselves with the rest, leaving just a metalic spot were the edge was.










Then the model is back at the spraybooth and an heavilly thinned paint is layered over the scratches and the rivets to blend them in.
Again if you work small and heavilly diluted, you have total control of the effect.






Again, more distanced view :  the surface texture is quite softened and the rivets less noticable







And i tried a macro shot, but the cell phone is not at its best in this area..







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@Antonio Argudo Masking and cutting is only the tip of the iceberg, This build would not be the same without the great references you've been sending all along !
@Jaro, @zaxos345, @nmayhew, @Troy Molitor, @Anthony in NZ, Aww ! Thank you guys for your nice comments !! Mojo booster they are.

@scvrobeson, definetly worth the investment. I just ordered a laser cutter for a try.

Some steps forward,  and backward...
The Wurger can not hide its origins any longer. Black crosses on the wings and fuselage. BUT ....




Antonio was kind enough to tell me the crosses were kinda odd looking.
After a quick check, I figured out I had used the wrong crosses on  the top wings. These are the type that goes on the underwing.


I designed the masks using ref 4 instead of ref 1.
So off it came while the paint was still fresh.


Hopefully there are minimal damage and the redo should follow up quickly.

On the good news side, I progressed on the front engine. I had left it pending as i had hard time deciding the color scheme on the front part. B/W pictures of the bird were hard to interpret on wether there was RLM75, and were the transition line was. 
Again, thank you Antonio for the nice ref pics of of similar other birds.

I came out with this.












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Fantastic! Possibly the most realistic paint job on such a model, that I've ever seen: No overly accentuated panel lines, no hollywoodesque shading effects, and the subtle, uneven shine on your beautiful bird makes the appearance very credible. Here's hoping that this lifelike surface does not need to be buried under a unifying "flat coat" in the end?


Cheers, Joerg



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I certainly agree with Joerg comments above.  This is really turning out fantastic.  


Question.  Would the rivet masks possibly separate from the model over time?   I've often wondered about this.  Perhaps a flat coat will eliminate this risk altogether?  

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@LSP_Kevin Thank you ! Much appreciated.

@BlackCanopy Thank you Joerg, yes I try to stick to (my vision of) reality as much as I can, in the way paint is applied and live through the life of the plane.
therefore I try to ban as much as possible the application of varnish.

Furthermore my last attempt at mattifying ended up in partial disaster on the wingnut wing I was working on: at first it was all fine, few days later, marbled skin all over the place (Tamiya Flat lacquer + Tamiya lacquer thinner). Been able to strip it to the plastic without damage, but mojo fell low on it. My SOD queen in term of kit value ...

Pic for ref is after a tentative of sanding to reduce the cracks. Wasnt a success...



@Troy Molitor, Thank you !
 fear to not understand what you mean with rivet mask ? The mask is only used when airbrushing the paint, wich act as the rivet when accumulating on the border of the holes. The mask is removed straight away.




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