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your items look very very nice , details are "sharp " , excellent job ..I am impressed !!!!!!!! !!!!!!! well , I am not a F 15 , or F 16 guy ,(maybe I should !!??) If you don't mind , may I suggest you to look into the F 4 phantom  , the Tamiya kit , despite of its age is a good reference , but is not on the  current standard  , no need to talk to some special version , I think about the Greek AUP version with the specific cockpits , or the " fast nose " recce version , I also think about detailed wheel wells.... etc ... okay , I am preaching for my own interest , but consider that the F 4 has a lot of fans here , and elsewhere ... thanks 



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24 minutes ago, CruZz said:

Hello Ade...  maybe later... it´s not in my primary plans... but never say never right?


Thanks. Think they might sell well given how much work it is to get that intake seamless, much easier to stick a plug in it instead…

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Hello all. Few news...
48014 F-15 Modern airbrake (GWH/REV) is on stock since now.
20 sets of 32019 Python 4/5 were restocked.
And finally, we hit 2k followers on FB. Thank you all very much. Really appreciate all your support.
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I can see another order in my future.  Will you make the early F-16 Sidewinder launchers in 1:48 as well?  Both the old Hasegawa kit and the first generation Kinetic kit can need them...

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