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A Second Fuji FA-200 AeroSubaru

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I'm just getting a start on Nichimo's 1/20 AeroSubaru and have been pleasantly surprised to see that fellow member MGBooyV8 (Pete) is nearing completion on his version of this rare kit. I plan to steal many of his ideas and observations in building my own. So I'll thank him in advance for helping me to avoid the rough spots.


My kit unfortunately didn't include the instruction booklet. But I was able to find a few pages photographed by a Japanese blogger. So that helps a little bit.

(Pete, If you're seeing this, a few photographs of your instruction booklet of the cockpit section would be most helpful. Find me at EYJohnny@gmail.com)


I'm just at the preliminary stages. But since the main gear struts must be installed prior to joining the wings, I did get that much completed.


I've done a the other two kits in this series, the Cessna and the H-500. But the F-200 kit is hard to find within the US. I was lucky to get this one.

Previous Cessna build (Seen here before)



Previous H-500 (Not sure if it's been posted here.)

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Hi John,


Great that you are also tackling the Fuji now and that you are using my build for inspiration. :)

I hope I do not disappoint you!


I have scanned the whole instructions booklet for you.

The build of the cockpit is spread over the instructions. It makes perfect sense if you build the kit as intended:

no painting and installing the fragile windscreen and canopy parts last.

But as we want to fill seams and spray the whole model, this approach is not very useful for us.

I ended up reading back and forth through the instructions.

The pdf file is a bit big, so I will transfer it to your e-mail address via the website WeTransfer.

You will get an email from them (with a message from me) and a download link.


I've seen your Cessna 172 and Hughes 500 over here (indeed you posted that too over here).

They are great!

I also have the Cessna and still have to find the Hughes 500.


I'm looking forward to the rest of your build. :)







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Many thanks to Peter who very graciously sent me a scanned copy of his instruction manual. This has been a huge help in clarifying where some of the smaller parts need to go.


Getting enough weight in the nose is also a challenge with Nichimo's Cessna kit. So every space forward of the main wheel will need some extra mass.




The door will need some trimming before it's a perfect fit. But I wanted to have as much of the interior visible as possible.



Just as Peter did with his Aero Subaru, more lead is hidden under the floor.


If you've never used the Infini tape cutting board, it's pretty neat. The black grid lines are actually channels cut into the surface which serves to guide the blade. I've never seen a better tool for producing consistent tape strips.



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Hi John,


Very good progress!

You probably have already found out that you need to extend the luggage floor if you open the luggage hatch. ;)

I like the way the seats look, very nice that two-tone upholstery with the piping. :goodjob:






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Thanks for watching. Update:



Baggage area enclosed.


The "avionics" included with the kit are representitive of very old radios from about 1960. I've at least brought the new panel into the mid-70's by stealing castings taken from the 1/20 Cessna panel, which has newer style radios.

Resin panel (tan) vs kit panel (black).



If there's an empty space forward of the main gear, we should add weight to that space.


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Hi John,


Good progress and nice upgrades!

You are right about the radio stack.

A good suggestion to copy them from the panel of the Cessna. I didn't  think of it.

Anyway, it is too late now for me and as my subject Fuji currently has modern radio's, nobody knows what was installed in the past. :P





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