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Boeing 747 Cockpit - made from LEGO

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Hi everyone. I hope this is ok to post?


I like both kinds of plastic: scaled models and LEGO! I created the Boeing 747 Cockpit (or flight deck) out of LEGO which is probably something you are not used to seeing here lol. It features moving yoke and controls, instrument panels from the 747-400 variant and moving seats as well. I also added illumination a bit later. If I built the full plane at this size it would be close to 11ft long/wide!


I added it to the LEGO Ideas program so what that means is if it reaches 10K supporters, LEGO may make this into a real LEGO set for all kinds of enthusiasts to enjoy! I most certainly appreciate your support (it's legitimate, free to vote and takes a minute, can use FB login). Welcome to share too.


Many thanks and hope you like it.

LEGO Idea project link





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10 minutes ago, seiran01 said:

Glad to see you here Dazz!

Saw you post this somewhere on facebook a few weeks back and added my vote then. Hope it's gets the 10k!

Thank you so much Seiran! A long way to go though yes hoping so too :)

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47 minutes ago, Jennings Heilig said:

WOW!!!  I’ve registered and voted for it!  I’ll buy one!


I wonder what something like that would cost, assuming Lego ever produces it?

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