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I’m not sure if I saw a date, only soon. I know I will buy them all! 


From this post https://www.zoukeimura.co.jp/en/products/sws48_10_f4e-early.html :


There is nothing like the joy of comprehensively exploring the F-4 series with SWS kits. For the long-nose versions, SWS has selected to recreate seven types: E (early and late production), EJ/EJ-Kai, F/F ICE, and G. All subjects are extensively researched on every aspect, including examination of actual aircraft, to even further improve upon the accurate, beautiful form and ease of assembly from the short-nose SWS kits.


Blog 110 https://www.zoukeimura.co.jp/en/sentiment/oyajiblog_110.html  drops this hint:


Our next installments to the F-4 series featuring the long-nose versions will be coming soon, one after the next.



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Find the Old man Blog where they announced the F-4EJ Kai kit, there was a short bit towards the end of that post with some projected versions and dates.

OK well it was there, now I cant find it either. I’m sure it was when they first announced the Kai.

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3 minutes ago, Jennings Heilig said:

That’s what I thought as well...


I even went as far back as the F-4E announcement to see if that’s where I had seen it. But No. There was an F-4G on the list. Something about Summer 2021 possibly. I don’t recall if there was an F-4F though. 

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That's also what I thought, but I can't find it either.  They're definitely doing the F-4F - I know that's on the list.  They took a cue from Hasegawa - the "late" F-4E with TISEO and slats is slated to be the last version released.  They're banking on people (like me) buying all of the versions that will come first in order to mix and match parts to get what you want before they release it all in one box.  I'm really curious to see if they do what they did with the F-4S and mold the G (all of which were FY69 birds) with the belly reinforcing strap in place.  Fingers crossed they do that, since then you can use that to do an early E that was upgraded.  


Here's the first F-4 I ever got up close and personal with :)  



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Well I have one of the F-4EJ Kai kits from the Pre-Order on the way from a UK shop who was able to get some through the UK Importer. I’m also trying to get a hold of a C model for you BOLO markings. I stupidly sold my kit a while back. One of those fits of anything smaller than 1/32 in the stash must go moments. Now, to pre order the Tamiya B or not. 

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21 minutes ago, BloorwestSiR said:

Slightly off topic but Hypersonic Models has a slatted E conversion coming out for the ZM E kit.




I guess it's an option if you can't wait for ZM to release theirs. 







Indeed.  I've been encouraging Jeffrey-san and provided him some info on that set.  Anxious to get my hands on it for the Elmendorf bird I want to do.  His stuff is *superbly* done across the board.  I can't wait to see his 1/48 SR-71 kit.  I suspect it's going to blow the doors off of the announced Revell effort.

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4 minutes ago, ade rowlands said:


But I need the support of my fellow styrene enthusiasts. I cant possibly be expected to make a decision on my own. 


In that case, see if you can get a case discount. :D


Worst case, you can sell off the ones you don't build. 


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