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What I like best of all details is the decal set out of Germany that has the markings that one sees on virgin sheets of aluminum which indicates the type and manufacturer of the aluminum sheet. One can apply them to the inside of wings, etc. which do not get painted. 

What's that you say? If you cannot see them after making the model why apply them in the first place? Because you know they are there.

Really, I am not laughing at this. Some of us take this seriously. I don't do this myself but I do other things that make people wonder.


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1 hour ago, Oldbaldguy said:

Hey, Maru!  How are you?  These photos are exactly what I’m talking about!  Now how hard was that?  A book of color archival photos with contrast cards of the most commonly used belts and such for all the major players would be a grand contribution to modeling, especially at our scales.  Two thumbs up for you.

I'm good OBG.


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