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Aviation artist Harley Copic

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I’m sure if you follow this thread, you will know the name of aviation artist Harley Copic.  Harley was a great aviation artist and a great friend of mine.  Harley passed away Monday, February 15th.  He will be greatly missed by many



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Now I really am sad.  Having contributed to and been associated with the Air Force art collection for years, Harley quickly became one of my favorites along with Ferris, RG Smith and a couple of others.  He’s one of a handful of aviation artists who make sublime look easy.  My first reaction to anything he did (after remembering to breathe) was, “Now, how the hell did he do that?”

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Verry sad news, i have the good fortune to own a couple of his wonderful signed prints. Including " Final Mission "  showing Robert.S.Johnson's P-47, Penrod & Sam. I never tire of admiring it, and the artist who created it. May he rest in peace.

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