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They'll never release ------- in 1/32 scale!

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1 hour ago, LSP_Mike said:

Gosh, if anyone with a 3d printer made a good A6m3 conversion, I bet they could sell 2, maybe 3.

I'm almost certain someone made a Type 32 chop-wing conversion a few years back.  I remember thinking it was too much for me because I already had my path to making one by combining the Swallow Type 21 with the Hasegawa Type 52.  The only scratchbuilding should be in the wingtips, the cowling flaps and an exhaust.




It doesn't seem like a version that should be hard for an IM manufacturer to produce, and the Type 32 was a player at the turning point of the war.  I think the Type 32 received some of the most hideous green over bare metal, practically brush painted camo schemes, making them interesting to model and display with the other Zeros.


If I had to pick a "high complexity - low-demand" kit, it would be the He-177.

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9 hours ago, RLWP said:

Sticking to the 'They'll never release*' theme, The 1912 Voisin Icare areo-yacht:




Ys, it flew!:




Neat website!: http://www.automobiles-voisin.fr/e_avions.html


I must admit, I fancy scratch building one




*to avoid this becoming just another wish list thread


You sure that one isn't from Blackburn Aircraft's design crew ?, looks ugly enough . :blowup:

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