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Another HK B-25 coming in March.... so they say...

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1 hour ago, D.B. Andrus said:

That's a fantastic piece of boxart.




 When I was in college, I took Art History as an elective. A visit to a local museum was part of the syllabus, so off we went one afternoon. One of the exhibits there was devoted to the work of a "hyper-realist" who painted motorcycles. Man, I honestly thought that I was looking at photographs, rather than paintings. I mentioned this to the instructor and told her how impressed that I was with the artist's work. She sorta frowned and explained that contemporary pieces like his were considered rather déclassé, and normally wouldn't be hosted in a prestigious museum like the one that we were standing in. Interestingly, in that world, the ability to "render" (her word) was assumed and not something to be celebrated. I think that conversation more or less killed high-brow art for yours truly. ;)


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There's definitely something a bit off about that Lanc.... I've spotted it! The pilot's hair is longer than regulations allowed. A very serious oversight, indeed. 




PS: On a more serious note, I'm glad to see  HK are putting more effort into their box-art. I have the B-25J Strafer and the box-art could - at best - be described as "basic". When you're spending some serious coin on these kits, a great illustration makes a lot of difference. 

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The box art appears to be by Piotr Forkasiewicz. He seems to be doing artwork for all the recent HK reboxings and some stuff for Eduard. His website is worth a browse while having a coffee/beer.




I'm tempted to buy this reboxing, but man... I was really hoping for a 345th BG boxing. I am really disappointed by the lack of 345th markings on offer for the glass nose HK B-25. I guess the wait continues for that, the B-17F rebox, and B-17 nose section kit.

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