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1:32nd scale Roland D.VIa

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Hi all,
I'm now starting on the 'Wingnut Wings' 1:32 scale model of the Roland D.VIa fighter.
This aircraft was unusual in that its fuselage had a fuselage clad in overlapping plywood planks, known as ’lapstrake’, which was similar to that used on clinker built boats.
This proved to be as strong, but lighter than existing constructions methods provided, which was an important factor for a fighter aircraft.
Also the lower wings were located under, not into, the lower fuselage.


It's the Roland D.VIa, Serial No: 3615/18 during 1918 (Jasta unknown).




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Different aircraft
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Hi all,
A few updates.
I'm working on the fuselage internals and the engine.
The fuselage halves were two-tone, as were the cockpit side frames.
The engine bearer frame was a single colour.
As I normally do, the slight weathering effect was done using the 'Flory Models' dark dirt clay wash.
The rudder, elevator and ailerons control lines were added using 0.08 mm diameter mono-filament and blackened 0.4 mm diameter tubes.
Other detail, such as pipes, seat harness etc will be added after the cockpit assembly is built and before closing up the fuselage.


The next stage, after completing the engine is to assemble the fuselage,










Here's the engine.
As most of the engine won't be seen, it's just the basic engine with the addition of ignition leads and the pipe at the front cylinder.
The replacement exhaust pipe is from 'ReXx',








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Hi all,
Just a quick update.
The cockpit structure is now complete and ready to be fitted into the closed up fuselage.
I had to sand the outer surface of the two cockpit side frames and cockpit frames quite a bit, as for some reason the fuselage wouldn't close up fully with the cockpit test fitted.
I know tolerances are tight, especially on WNW kits so I made sure there was no paint etc on any mating faces.
Even so the gap at the underside seam of the fuselage was large, indicating something wasn't fitted correctly.
Everything look correct so I'm not sure where the obstruction was - probably around the fuel tank area.


Anyway, it's sorted and ready to move onto closing up the fuselage,





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Hi all,
The fuselage is now closed up with the cockpit front decking panel fitted.
I'm replacing the kit supplied machine guns with resin equivalent weapons from 'GasPatch'.
These needed to be modified slightly so that would fit down and into the weapon slots in the front decking panel.
This required the removal of the front mounting and synchronizing cable from the underside of the breech blocks.
In addition the lower part of the cocking mechanism on the right side of the left weapon was removed.


Now it's onto preparing the fuselage for the application of the 'ProperPlane' wood effect decal set for this aircraft,







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Great progress and its all looking good. Just a couple of things in case you're concerned with accuracy. Despite the profile art, Schape's Jasta 33 Roland D.VI was a D.VIb (not a D.VIa), the fuselage was not unpainted clear varnished wood and the marking was some sort of lightning bolt and not an elaborate arrow.


Unfortunately this is the only known photo of Schape's Roland D.VIb and it just doesn't show enough of the fuselage to confirm the marking, other than to rule out the arrow that Dan-San Abbot designed for it. Roland%20D.VIb%20Jasta%2033%20Emil%20ShaHopefully a new image will show up one day and enlighten us all.



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