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Check out Space in Miniature. He has multiple books on building spacecraft in various scales. He has lots of details on the various shuttle kits.




Also good for previews of space kits is Sven the ninfinger's site:




DK did a good book on the shuttle, but I am sure there are multitudes of references out there.


Lake County Spaceport sells lots of decals and details for each scale and manufacturer's shuttle kits.




Real Space and several others probably have interesting parts, plus there are some on Shapeways. Lots of things to play with and add to the build.




Have fun,



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As far as I can recall, there are at least a couple of Revell shuttles in different scales. I think Fisher did nice engines for one of them, but don't know if that's correct or not. Also, there were sheets, at least in one scale, for all of the numbered heat tiles. As to the bigger kit, it seemed OK to me, but most likely could benefit from lots of extra detailing, though straight OOB, actually can look pretty cool with cargo bay doors open or closed.

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