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ICM Bücker Bu 131A & Kokusai Ki-86a/K9W1 "Cypress"

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On 2/24/2021 at 2:11 AM, Alex said:

Nice job with that tricky stretched sprue  rigging.  I used ez-line on mine, which is easier, but I think yours will look better because the stretched sprue  will actually be round, which ez-line is not.


I have been scratching my head about the best approach (also on the Dutch one a while back). I think I’ll be using stretched sprue all-round on the Ki-86. I found the spruces from the Italeri TF-104G stretch very very far and very evenly thickness-wise. I will also drill the receiving holes even smaller than this one (test on redundant part first).


On 2/24/2021 at 9:21 AM, MARU5137 said:

Looks mighty IMPRESSIVE. 



On 2/24/2021 at 9:43 AM, dodgem37 said:

Good show, Bro'.





Thanks guys!

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I was going to leave the engine covers closed and do nothing with the engine, not even paint. As I was assembling the engine I could not help admiring the engineering, fit, and detail of it. Ideas came and clear photos were available, so I decided to add ignition wires and fuel line to make it even better. I will leave the left hand cover open on the model so the shown side stays visible.




Here’s the completed assembly, I will seal it and then and weather it some. I will also attempt to make exhausts from hollow brass rod.




I found a Quickboost door set in my stash that I had not used on the Dutch one. The Quickboost doors at first look like straight copies of the kit doors, but there are more detailed raised hinges on the Quickboost ones so I will use them. Kit part on the left.








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Posted (edited)

The cockpit is ready.




I did not have the appropriate diameter hollow brass tubing, so I drilled out the exhaust stack. Some minor cleanup to do I see in this magnification. Those are half-millimeter holes :rolleyes:




The engine was sealed, received a few washes, and sealed again in semi-gloss. It looks quite neat. The data plate came from the spares box and is not accurate, but looks good on the block.




There are not many photos of this plane in this livery.


The well known one:




One other:




But there were more painted similarly. It looks like a brush job and the pattern varies quite a lot:






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11 hours ago, kensar said:

search on Bucker jungmeister walkaround

find the net-maquettes.com result and look in there.  Numerous pictures around the cowling.


Thanks Ken. That is the walk around I used on these builds. However, there's no shot of an opened engine panel. I am trying to find out the pose of an opened panel.

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12 hours ago, kensar said:

search on Bucker jungmeister walkaround

find the net-maquettes.com result and look in there.  Numerous pictures around the cowling.

Bu 131 is Jungmann

Jungmeister is Bu 133.

Different planes.

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The exhausts are finished and installed, drilling them out was certainly worth it since they are clearly visible. There is room around them for a small paper roll to mask them off during final painting.




I had already painted the top wing but was not satisfied with it's appearance. MRP paint can be easily stripped with a piece of toilet paper drenched in ethanol or iso-propyl alcohol (IPA). I re-sprayed the orange in a new mixture of 7 parts MRP-051 RLM 04 Gelb and 2 parts MRP-232 International Orange (I used 5:2 in the first attempt but found it to be a tad too orange for my taste).


It was a lengthy job but gave a nice result. I need to find some smoother-surfaced paper to which the UHU Pattafix sticks to a tad better than it does regular printer paper. Like superglue, it loves human skin much much more than anything :rolleyes:




I suppose we will never know the exact colors used, these are the colors I chose for this one (as said, 7:2 yellow:orange for the orange tint):



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1 hour ago, John1 said:

Just stumbled upon this build, I love it.    What did you use for the instrument panels?  Are those kit decals or aftermarket?


Hi John,


Thanks! Those are stock decals that come with the kit. I just cut tem in to individual sections to help them settle more easily.

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On 3/4/2021 at 8:32 PM, Grunticus said:

Folks, I need some help with the question written in the photo. Does anyone here have an answer on this one? I cant find a single photo with an opened engine compartment. Thanks for any help!




Hmm...okay, judging from the photos I posted (top photo) that lower part IS separate from the main cover. I can glue to to the panel of the opposite side. Somehow it doesn’t make sense however....Well, this photo is all I have to go on.

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