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Hey Folks,


I’m trying not to clutter up the Tamiya release thread (aka why has Tamiya ignored my plea for a 1/32 scale Sunderland) with my love of things R/C , so I’m starting this thread.


As far as aircraft are concerned, I’m currently flying a couple of foamies, my favourite is a 2m Carbon Cub, it’s a great flyer, easy to see for my ageing eyes and is a far more capable airframe than I’m capable of wringing out, then I have an electric glider, about an 8 foot span and can be really relaxing to fly.


On the car front, I’ve got a few 1/10th scale off readers (2wd buggy, 2wd Short Coarse Truck and a frankencrawler) and a 1/8th scale 4wd electric buggy. I used to race, but to be honest, now that I’m in my mid 50’s I feel a bit foolish getting out there racing against teenagers.



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I watched my dad build and fly quarter scale R/C, and also watched some of that hard work and money get splatted into the ground.  That always made me want to pursue static plastic models.

I see now that in Germany, a lot of the R/C guys have taken to making "full scale" R/C Egg planes!















However, I have in the past, and recently again seen the "Microaces" foam R/C kits. They look REALLY good, and seem to be fairly scale and even seem to fly well.





They are smaller foam R/C planes but they have a WIDE range of them it appears........










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Back in 1950 when I was a youngster the Korean War started and I considered leaving U-Control and getting into Radio Control. 

But when I realized I would have to make my own radio and receiver in addition to the airplane I got back into model railroading instead. 

Besides, I had just entered high school and really had no time for hobbies - I was too busy with school and being a teenager. 

I did get back into static modeling later but quit actual flying models. 

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Yep. Thanks to my dad who was already an accomplished R/C pilot, I started flying R/C in the early '70s. I built my first trainer (RCM Basic Trainer with an OS .15FP) and HeathKit radio at age 8, 'soloed' it before my 9th birthday in October of '74. I never really stopped flying R/C since then, but I have taken breaks for things like serving in the Army, etc.


The biggest in my stable is a 102" P-51D from Bud Nosen Models, and the smallest is a 13" Fokker D.VII converted from an FF 'stick & tissue' kit. After converting to all electric about 10 years ago, I settled on hand-launch airplanes in the 30" - 40" range. My standing favorites are FMS, Alfa and Flying Styro WWII airplanes, of which I have dozens. 


I'm also a big fan of the ParkZone airplanes. It's just a shame that they went under after losing track of their Park Flyer roots. 


Some pics of my older stuff are posted HERE.



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I’m currently working on 3 projects, all are in the information gathering phase, and I think I may have had a breakthrough with one tonight!


I love the Cessna 337/O2 ever since I built my first 1/72 scale version about 100 years ago. Anyhow, I’ve always wanted to build a large R/C version of the O-2, and for the last few years I’ve been researching. One of the problems I’ve had is finding the right engine. I want it to sound like a Cessna, not a lawnmower so I’ve been looking for a 4 cylinder flat four four stroke that’s not too big (most are) but can swing a 26-27 inch 2 blade prop.

Well, tonight I was sent this link B-84 engine. It looks absolutely perfect for the task, probably a bit overpowered, but that r/c flying:D

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I used to be part owner of an R/C shop specializing in airplanes. I was heavily into the hobby for years.  Eventually I tired of it mainly because the field is so far from our house and tired of spending hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars only to have it turn to balsa dust. 

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I've stuck with RC since I got my first one when I was 14.  I started with Tamiya's Wild Willy and went from there. Mostly buggies and Clod Busters through high school. Then I bought a HPI Nitro Mini RS4. Got the nitro bug bad along with touring cars. Those were fun and fast.


Then the HPI Savage showed up. Nothing like launching a 10lb RC truck off the same ramps the MX guys would use at Monster Jam. They didn't always survive the landing though. 


This was my second bedroom in my condo at the time:





The closet was full of spare parts and my models. 


There was an RC shop that had a huge display of 1/5 cars. The owner offered one to me at a huge discount (last year's model!) so that was the start of those beasts. 


I took a break a few years ago but my boys were interested so i thought it would be a great family thing to do. Tamiya relaunched the Grasshopper at the same time so it was perfect. They've even learned about modding them. 


I just need to convince my wife to try one. Got her this Tamiya Bus. So far no luck though.






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Haha, nice Carl!   I think most everyone who was ever into R/C cars back in the day, had a Wild Willie!  (No laughing you guys across the pond and possibly AUS depending on what gets what nick name over there :lol: )


I distinctly remember having started out with a Wild Willy, a Hornet, (couple of buddies had Grasshoppers) and eventually an AWD HotShot, and when I got some extra money, I purchased an original "Hog Heaven" boxing of Tamiyas Bruiser.



Not exactly good for a whole lot racing wise, but lots of fun for a kid back in the day that one was!!





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2 hours ago, Out2gtcha said:

when I got some extra money, I purchased an original "Hog Heaven" boxing of Tamiyas Bruiser.


A Bruiser is still on my grail list. As is the Egress. I still have my original Avante that the Egress was based on. 


I went and checked what I because of this thread and it's a bit scary how many there are. 


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9 minutes ago, LSP_Ron said:

I wouldn't be exaggerating to say I've likely built the Hornet and Grasshopper a dozen times each or more back in the 80's. By far our most popular starter RC Cars and super easy to build.


I bet you could put one together without the manual. Just open the box and start building. :lol:


The Clod Buster is almost that way with me.  Certainly I knew my Savage inside out. Even with the custom mods it had.  



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Did it years ago.  Started around ‘86. Gave it up in ‘99 after the 4th baby came along.  Couldn’t find time to fly with the 3 we had already with the wife working on weekends.  No need to keep pursuing it.  I was into giant scale stuff, got good at building but not good at flying.  Always got real nervous behind the sticks when a lot of cash was in the air.  Spent more time flying a Goldberg Clipped wing Cub with an OS .91 4 cycle.  I really liked the 4 cycle glow engines.  Especially the OS 160 and 300 twins I had.



This one had the 300 Twin



This is one I scratch built after blowing up the plans from 60” to 80”


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