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Kamikaze! 1/700 USS Essex 11/25/44

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Lots of firsts with this project - first aircraft carrier, first 1/700, first wiring and first modeled explosion! 


The Essex CV-9 was in the Philippine Sea supporting the landings on Leyte and Luzon when she was struck by a kamikaze on November 25, 1944. It was far from the most destructive kamikaze attack, but is one of the best documented, including live video.


She was struck just forward of elevator 2, causing a massive explosion. Fortunately, it was well forward of the planes spotted on deck to be launched, and few aircraft were lost. The fire was controlled easily and the hole in the flight deck quickly repaired. She recovered her own planes not long after. 


Here are my beginnings. The hull and hangar deck assembled, including the hole through which I'll run the wires marked out. Need to get the motor on my dremel replaced before I can finish that part. 


I wanted to try my hand at some scratch building, so redid the tripod mast with brass rod and styrene sheet that is more to scale than the kit part. 






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Very nice scratch building and PE work thus far.  I hear you on the slow process adding PE is in 1/350 scale, when I built my SMS Seydlitz last year I thought the PE would never end. 



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A few pics of where we stand now. Planes are painted and assembled, decals pending. Put a few SBDs on the hangar deck just for some busyness down there, even though everybody should be switched to SB2Cs by late 44. Finally affixing the hull to the sea base. Filling in the gaps with tissue paper and gloss medium, and forming wake, bow waves etc. Will have a final painting later. Still have a lot of tedium remaining, between decaling the planes, assembling another 35 or so Oerlikons, and somehow dealing with these miniscule 1/700 figures. And then, of course, the special effects. If I'm not crazy yet, I'll get there before this is over! 







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