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12 hours ago, mozart said:

Just ordered my Gipsy Major engine from Lukgraph, shipping cost from Poland was as much as the engine but hey ho, gotta do it! 

Hey Max,


Good call on that choice.   Just a short note to say 'thank you' for doing all of the work that you have put into this.  I am crawling along with my Matchbox DH.82A floatplane build and so I have had a great deal of interest in this thread. What has come across to me very clearly is that, whilst I am delighted with the ICM kit release, the old Matchbox kit is pretty accurate though basic. I've read many posts on various modelling websites about Matchbox kits that feature the words and phrases 'unbuildable' and 'the mad trencher drew the panel lines' but here at LSP it is great to see not only this balanced view of the Tiger Moth but other previous work by others comparing the various Bf109 kits including Matchbox.


My thanks to you Max - this is a thorough, balanced and serious look at this airframe and the pleasures & challenges in building each of these kits. Much appreciated!


Kind regards,



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Thanks Paul, that's a very thoughtful gesture and much appreciated.  The one point that has come out of the comparison for me is that there is still room for improvement should Special Hobby be thinking of pursuing their one.  All three of course build into an instantly recognisable Tiger Moth but for people who take that little bit more interest in accuracy, the short comings matter.  The Revell kit is far from unbuildable and if you have a mind for it, a good "blank canvas" on which to work your magic!  Make sure you post some pictures of the finished Tiger floatplane for us all.

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On 2/9/2021 at 7:58 AM, mozart said:

Just ordered my Gipsy Major engine from Lukgraph, shipping cost from Poland was as much as the engine but hey ho, gotta do it! 

Nice one Max. 

I really like the look of that engine but can't justify it for what can be seen behind closed panels. 

Maybe I'll have to build a second TigerMoth:lol:

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On 4/18/2021 at 2:33 AM, LSP_Kevin said:

I've just finished a marathon series of editing sessions to collate this thread into an article for the website:





Wow Kev, that must have taken forever.....but thanks for doing it, the article is there now for reference purposes if needed. My trainee pilot figures are on their way from Big H. The actuals always vary slightly from the box art so I’ll be interested to see how they look. 

5 hours ago, wunwinglow said:

Guy Martin..... Some excellent Tiger Moth stuff, and I am only 10 minutes into the program!


Ah, good to hear Tim, I’ve recorded it......HAD to watch Line of Duty! 

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