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Ex-Czech Polish MiG-29A Fulcrum - Trumpeter 1/32


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Thank you guys!


i went for something funny, the external fuel tank PTB-1500... I never saw a fuel tank such "ugly" but at the same time is irresistible for me!


So, the shape of the plastic parts are ok but I want to add more details.

First job is to build the APU "hole" that goes through the rear part of the tank. 




Than I've added the welding lines along the fuel tank.

Some other details like tubes, valves and access panels has been added too.




After that a good layer of flat black has been sprayed overall, followed by some thin layers of various light grey to obtain a shade between 36375 and 36495.






A gloss cote has been sprayed to prepare the surface for a dark wash.








Now its time to paint all the details and a final matt cote to finish the job.












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On 1/21/2021 at 4:37 PM, Piero said:

Thank you!


It's time to work on the cockpit: the plastic part are ok, but some details can and must be added.




The ejection seat rail has been built from scratch.

The circuit brakers box has been cutted and rebuilt with plasticard, resin switch and cables.

A pair of pre-coloured plates has been added too.




The IP and consoles has been replaced with pre-coloured PE parts from Eduard set.

Some resin switches and knobs has benn added too.

Here the final result.


29A_23 29A_24 29A_25 29A_26 29A_29


The cockpit fit very well inside the upper fuselage part.





Just stunning will follow with interest.

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last we i worked on the front wheel bay.

The plastic parts are ok but can be detailed and so I did it adding some reinforcement plates, hydraulic tubes and valves.


29A_61 29A_63 29A_62 29A_64


Dry fitting the wheel bay inside the lower fuselage part is ok.

Now its time to work on the central undercarriage bays...





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some update here.

The main undercarriage wheel bays plastic parts has a good level of details but I've also added some details as a lot of hydraulics lines ,stiffener plates, fuel cap and so on.


cof cof cof


On the upper surface I've added some details around the auxiliary air intakes, using plasticard and PE parts.

Also, I've opened a pair of oval air intakes and a circular inspection windows on the right side.


cof cof



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... looking at the ventral engines nacelles and at the main jet air intakes plastic parts, these has a lot of wrong or missed panels and also are missed some drain and pipes points.


29A_66 29A_67


Along the jet air intakes there are two long molding lines... that needs to be removed.




The FOD plastic parts are really bad... I don't like the way they fits and the grills are wrong too.




For me here the better and easy job is to replace the plastic parts with the Eduard's PE pieces.


cof cof


Here're the ventral engines nacelles after the details job I've done.


cof cof



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... some details has been added under the front fuselage part: these includes open some air intakes, antennas dishes, stiffener plats and a lot of panel lines correction.


cof cof


The ventral engines nacelles and jet air intakes fitted under the main fuselage part. Also here I've added some details as stiffener plates, PE parts, a lot of panel lines re-scribing and rivets too.


29A_80 29A_81 29A_82 29A_83 29A_84



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