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Jean Navarre Nie 16, Verdun

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12 hours ago, LSP_Kevin said:

Looks good, Richard! I've just fixed your image link - there seemed to be an extra space at the end of the URL, which prevented it from working.




It may have fixed it in some browsers, it doesn't work in Chrome (which is what I use). I can't see the image at all


It's a 'Mixed Content' problem - this site is HTTPS and my image hosting is HTTP. Chrome doesn't like displaying HTTP through HTTPS. I'm getting the host shifted to HTTPS, which I'm hoping will fix the problem



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I have some more pictures, I'll post them




One of the features I wanted to model was the Alkan synchronised Lewis gun:




I didn't have the right decals for this, so I improvised (plenty of tiny writing on a Revell P-51):






The kit is the Amodel Nie.16, it's a short run kit so it has a few idiosyncrasies...



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