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6 hours ago, mpk said:

Dive bomber. Yellow and silver everywhere.


Were it not for Dive Bomber and a spread of Enterprise pics in LIFE Magazine, we wouldn't know exactly what a lot of the planes actually looked like in the livery and setting of the time. Here are some stills from the film that I've collected over the yearsRIVETS.jpg:





































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All of the above and


Panfilov's 28 man - great battle szenes with tanks and a Stuka

Ivan's childhood - full of poetry, if you ever can say this about a war movie

Come and see - graphic, shocking and cruel about what happened to civilians in WW2, but very impressive in his own way



- dutik

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Crosses of Iron

peckinpaugh’s only war movie


Tora, Tora. Tora

if only for the sequence of the 1:1 scale radio controlled take off run of a P-40 that goes wrong.


Bridges at Toko Ri

love the world famous golden dragons Panther Jets


Green Berets

John Wayne - lots of war movies


Full Metal Jacket

like two movies in one

R Lee Ermey - “I don’t know but I’ve been told......


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Don't hit me with them negative waves so early in the morning. Think the bridge will be there and it will be there, one of my favourites.


The big one for me is "The Longest Day" what a cast. I thought about it when we did a Normandy battlefield tour which was a surprise 60th birthday present from my wife especially when we visited the church of Sainte-Mère-Eglise


The other ones that stick in my mind from when I was a great deal younger were all the John Wayne films, I would probably find them terrible now so I will not watch them but I have fond memories of them





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Battle of Britain

Enemy at the Gates

Saving Private Ryan (the first 20 mins)


TV show but, Band of Brothers (ETO) was and is still classic too. Even though there were a few inaccuracies with some of the cast storylines (Albert Blithe). I regularly watch the dvd set i have.

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Saving Private Ryan

A Midnight Clear (good (and grim) but overlooked movie about some US Army grunts, late war ETO)

Dark Blue World

Biloxi Blues (no combat but a good representation of the subject - late war US Army trainees, knowing the next step was the invasion of Japan and high probability of death). 

Cain Mutiny

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