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my tube of bondo is missing anyone ever use 3m acryl putty

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with careful prep and a good model I don't often need putty if I do  I use mr liquid putty which is superb.  Sometimes you need another feather in the quiver though Bondo shrinks and is a pain to work with to  some degree.  I  have a  spit ix on the  shelf of doom somehow I screwed  up the  front magnetic panels and want to close up the front the gaps are horrendous the  rest of the model is great   I could lay down some sprue and   liquid cement or putty it up.  #m looks promising a 1.5 minute work time and 20 minute sanding time.   it is a bit expensive  at 17 dollars( free shipping though)  and it is 14 oz which should last me into the next millineum.  Waying my choices i want to see if anyone has used it.  The shelf of doom project  has been sitting since 2009 so it can wait a bit longer he that is a good topic  for general  how old is your oldest shelf of doom 

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Fwiw found the bondo and before that tried some mr liquid putty which was able to bridge the gap. I also found that mig ammo makes a small tube of acryl putty so choices. Fo now the plane goes back on the shelf but will work on it as the paint dries on the new active project

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