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My 2020 | Not a Good Year |

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Only 2 but I think interesting, unusual planes finished. N1K1 and PZL P.11. P-11 was a good kit, suprise for me as it came up. I can't really say that about N1K1 - old model with long list of places needing work. Main issues were empty cockpit and protruding panel lines. I started Vietnam F-4E from Tamiya too, but ended up with only a small progress. 

Hope you like them!








Ready For Inspection:









Ready For Inspection:










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Maybe a bad year but some real good modelling ! :clap2:


Love them both .


P11- 80+mph slower , well under half the rate of climb of the 109 , open cockpit ..the courage it must have taken to fly them against the Luftwaffe in 1939 , knowing you were most likley at such a disadvantage . You've done it justice in that model ! 

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Very nice models.  The PZL is an interesting subject and the kit looks excellent.  You've built and painted it well.  The same goes for the N1K1, a build I followed.  It may be an old kit, but you've done a very good job on it.  Both quality builds.








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